Enter the VA

Funny how things work. Speaking with a vet friend, I’m a Viet Nam vet, he thought I should be receiving VA medical benefits and was surprised I was not — for over 50 years!! Oh my gosh, so I applied and was accepted as a disabled vet, but not for IBD. Here was another place to explore for a GI doctor. But wait, there’s more …… I had to learn … Read More


The GI doctor said I had NO options other than a future with biologics. There are always options! So, we felt it was time to explore what options did exist. After a bit of research and on the advice of my wonderful bride of many years and on the recommendation of our pastor, we set an appointment with nutritional doctor, Dr. Epitropoulos, to explore natural healing options. We were pleasantly … Read More

GI Doctor Search Begins

Finding a supportive GI doctor naturally began with my current medical team. So, in November, we met with the GI doctor I have been seeing and asked if he supported our plan. He scoffed at what we proposed, noting if it was that “easy” he would be out of business. Oh well, we needed him until we could find the right GI doctor. We let him prescribe Biologics which required … Read More

October Surprise

The post colonoscopy office visit was truly an awakening. The GI doctor’s diagnosis was Crohns disease. He prescribed more medication and set a follow up an appointment for late November. He told me to consider biologics, whatever they are, I had no clue.

Healed, maybe not.

By September my ‘condition’ was back to normal having ended the medications. I was ready for a colonoscopy to validate my success. BOOM! The results were devastating and I was in a state of shock. It was mid-October and I experienced my first ‘flare’ and had not been prepared for it. Visit to GI doctor for more meds and learned he was on vacation. I should take the meds and … Read More

First Light

The first time I realized I was embarking on a new journey, it became obvious my culinary pursuits would change dramatically. Since I am the family cook, immediate re-education was necessary. Gluten free became the primary search term as I looked for breads I could eat and what food contained gluten, often hidden.

Emergency Room Visit

After many weeks and several doctors’ visits I was virtually just lying about between ‘sessions’ waiting on the medication to work; just ‘toughing it out, as I was told to do.’ [Later to find it was the wrong medication.] Sunday night my blood pressure and pulse went wacko and my lovely bride of many years was very happy to drive me to the emergency room, which I had been avoiding,  … Read More

First Symptoms

I began to experience mild colon distress in late May 2017. As the symptoms began and did not go away, I made an appointment with my Primary Care Physician who was on vacation so I was seen by an associate. The doctor assumed it was diverticulitis since I had history of one bout in the last century. They ordered an xray to look for blockage of the intestine and prescribed … Read More

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