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The GI doctor said I had NO options other than a future with biologics. There are always options! So, we felt it was time to explore what options did exist. After a bit of research and on the advice of my wonderful bride of many years and on the recommendation of our pastor, we set an appointment with nutritional doctor, Dr. Epitropoulos, to explore natural healing options.

We were pleasantly surprised to learn he was a homeopathic doctor these past 38 years! We also learned he had treated many similar cases wherein the gut needed to be restored, BUT, it would take months to rebuild my gut to where it could withstand the immune system attacks.

We needed time AND a drastically modified diet. But, what should it be? I got no less than 6 food lists to work on. What a mess! At least Dr. Epitropoulos gave us a list of what to avoid and several items which we should include. This was a start.

We also needed an allopathic doctor to help fight the inflammation while healing the gut.

So this completed the three path plan and we needed a GI doctor who believed in trying it.