This path is the rockiest path I’ve traveled. It did not smooth out until I found Dr, Wang at the Mayo Clinic.

The first diagnosis by Doctor A was diverticulitis (no tests conducted). Within a week the ‘condition’ worsened with increased sessions and pain. Appointment 2 was with Doctor A’s Physician’s Assistant,who told me you’re OK, just ‘tough it out.’

My condition continued to deteriorate and I was referred by Doctor A’s associate, Doctor B, to GI Doctor C who prescribed a new drug they were using. Within a few days the condition worsened and calls to Doctor C could not get by the nurse. I was told by the Nurse to give the medication time to work. And if it did not work, I should go to the emergency room.

Note at this time I was still being treated for diverticulitis after 6 weeks.

The pain became unbearable and I was spending 6-8 hours in the bathroom and completely exhausted. I check my blood pressure and pulse and both were way out of control. On the Sunday night before July 4th 2017, my lovely wife took me to the emergency room. While there this is when the Spiritual Path kicked in big time.

After many tests and keeping me in isolation, GI Doctors D&E determined I had IBD, either Chrons or Ulcerative Colitis. Medicine was prescribed and instructions given and I was told to go home and follow up with Doctor F in 6 weeks.

Doctor F performed additional tests and a scope and said I had Chrons and there was only one path to healing, biologics. I asked if there was a nutritional component and Doctor scoffed at the idea. There was only one solution to curing my condition!

Time for a second opinion, it was.

This is when I sought out help from the Mayo Clinic, and along with the Veterans Administration, have been udner their care and direction.