May 2017 ….

It all began rather benignly in May 2017, but rapidly slid into serious lower intestinal (colon & rectal) distress, spasms and intense pain. The first four doctors were convinced I had diverticulitis (without any lab tests), so for seven weeks, as the “condition” worsened, I was advised to “tough it out!”

On July 2nd I was admitted via the hospital emergency room to an isolation ward while tests were conducted to determine what the “condition” really was.  On July 5th I was told I had Inflammatory Bowl Disease (IBD) which would be treated with once-daily mesalamine and prednisone until further tests could be conducted to refine the diagnosis. In October, following a colonoscopy and DNA lab tests, the GI doctor declared, without a doubt, – Crohn’s disease. Going forward the doctor said there was only one path to healing – biologics, a path I was not prepared to follow.

I needed to find a path to healing, not just treat symptoms and attend support group sessions. Fortunately I found three concurrent paths.

I would be most remiss if I did not tell you the first path I am following, which guides the  Dr. Michael Epitropoulos, Ph.D. treating colon issuesother two, is a path of deep faith in Jesus Christ the ultimate healer.

Next, in October I was led to Dr. Michael Epitropoulos, Ph.D., a natural healing doctor (homeopathic) with 38 years of experience successfully dealing with IBD patients. We discussed a way forward to heal the gut, which made sense to me. Dr. Epitropoulos was quick to point out we needed help from an allopathic doctor to give the homeopathic solution time to work.  So began the faithallopathic and homeopathic path journeys.

By December 2017, I was seeking a different allopathic solution which would give me more op Dr. Ming-Hsi Wang, M.D., Ph.D, a colon specialisttions and time for the homeopathic option to work. That led me to the Mayo Clinic and a most wonderful experience and Dr. Ming-Hsi Wang, M.D., Ph.D, about whom I cannot say enough nice things. Briefly, after thorough re-testing and evaluation the diagnosis was Ulcerative Colitis and Proctitis. Dr. Wang discussed various treatment options which I was seeking.

Coupled with all this was the need to develop a life-changing personal diet to promote healing the gut and drive the condition into remission as much as possible.

Dr. Wang recommended I meet with a Mayo Clinic nutrition specialist (dietician) to review my developing diet. I met with Lori Allen, MA, RD  LD, an excellent nutrition services professional who is very supportive of the diet approach I’m taking.

So there you have it: the Spiritual path, the Allopathic path and the Homeopathic path.

June 2018

The paths are working and this month is the best in over a year.

This discussion continues in the Posts I’ve made. Check them for ongoing developments and see how the FODMAP approach ultimately failed for me!!.