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Thanks for visiting HalfTablespoon.

I am a disabled VietNam Combat Veteran who is homebound. I began this wbesite when I was first diagnosed with IBD/UC as a way to keep track of my dietary restrictions. I have resumed this with new recipes which I am slowly uploading.

Wonder where the name HalfTablespoon.com came from? Wonder how it relates to IBD?

First a quick note about why this website exists. When I contracted  Inflammatory Bowl Disease (IBD) , I quickly discovered I needed to radically change my diet. This meant finding different foods and recipes. Sadly, all I could find were support groups and people telling what medication I should take and how to manage my life going forward.

  • Note: IBD affects only .2% of the US population, less than 700,000, mostly between the ages of 5 and 65! I’m not even in the stats!!

This was just not acceptable to me. The quest was on and the search for a solution beyond simply living for my next injection was underway. This website is all about my diet approach to healing, not just surviving IBD.  This diet worked until the colon burst and I had to remove it. The recipes are still good so give them a try just for taste.

Being the family cook, I first looked for recipes of food I could eat without making things worse. During this search I came across many recipes that called for “one and half teaspoons” of ingredients, but never a half tablespoon? Once, I even found a scant three teaspoon measure!!

Every set of measuring spoons has a half tablespoon measure. Why was it being shunned, I ask? To overcome this outlandish spoon discrimination, I decided to take matters into my own hands and name my IBD recipewebsite HalfTablespoon.com to rid the world of this sad half tablespoon disrespect.

Join me on my journey as these pages will change on a regular basis as I work to find IBD dietary solutions while blazing new culinary trails that keep me healthy. These worked for me and maybe they will help you or inspire you to find your favorite foods on the path to your healing or living with IBD. I encourage you to add your recipes soon so we can all share our healing experiences.

Note: The bread recipes ar a late addtion an not IBD friendly!

This a continuing journey to finding the foods that work with my #IBD. You can also share your #IBD friendly foods here. Share on X

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