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Emergency Room Visit

After many weeks and several doctors’ visits I was virtually just lying about between ‘sessions’ waiting on the medication to work; just ‘toughing it out, as I was told to do.’ [Later to find it was the wrong medication.]

Sunday night my blood pressure and pulse went wacko and my lovely bride of many years was very happy to drive me to the emergency room, which I had been avoiding,  at 9:30 pm. A great time to go to the emergency room by the way, there was no wait.

After many tests and lab workups I was admitted and quarantined. I heard the words c-diff, but had no clue what was happening.

It’s important to note my trust in the Lord did not waiver under these conditions, albeit it was severely tested.

My bride was so exhausted that friends had to take her to the emergency room the next day, but she escaped after 12 hours, being admonished she was dehydrated and needed fluids and rest. I would expect so after a month of carrying for me none stop! Our friends then took her home to rest.

Ulcerative Colitis
Ulcerative Colitis

The initial diagnosis by the hospital staff was ulcerative colitiis, whatever that was. They called in a GI doctor on July 4th who told me they would need to scope me the next day.

The days are mostly a blur, but I remember the night of the 4th especially since I was missing the fireworks display which I was told was spectacular. That night i do recall a serious mental battle of some kind which targeted my faith, but I won the battle and my faith in the Lord was stronger for it.

I was discharged on the 5th after the scope thinking, just take the medicine prescribed and I’ll get over whatever I had. Little did I know my life was forever changed.