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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – Garlic Free

Mid-June was a great time with healing seemingly on track. Then conditions began to deteriorate as the stress set in. But  i also became suspicious that maybe a food issue may be playing a role and triggering bad things. I undertook a review of all food we were consuming and compared them to the FODMAP which has become my aid-de-camp in the kitchen.

Lo and behold, I think I found a problem: garlic powder and onions. I habitually add a dash or flakes to many dishes. Beginning Friday, I scrubbed all the recipes and food prep to remove or identify not to use any garlic or onions of any kind.

Yesterday was garlic and onion free with Pho Ga and today Egg Rolls without garlic or onions.

Knock on wood … Monday, Dr. E, Tuesday Mayo scope and Friday Dr. W. Should have some answers by eek’s end.