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One Month on Immunocal

Simply stated, although my UC is not cured after 31 days, I am experiencing significantly fewer symptoms. I have renewed strength and energy and a quick recovery from the occasional morning mini-flare. I am slowly reducing the steroids and other medications and supplements.

I am trying to tell everyone about Immunocal, but some folks don’t like the price. What price do you put on your health. Some folks think I am just trying sell Immunocal. I do sell, but so a person and save 28% – 40% on their purchase. Who does not want to save and be healthy?

I take 1 regular Immunocal and 1 Platinum twice a day at a cost of $9.56/day; for the ‘normal’ person the cost/dose would be half that or 1 and 1 once a day for 4.78/day.