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Mayo Clinic

OK, if I wait until February to see the VA, I’ll be out of meds from the doctor I’m fleeing. Hello Mayo Clinic who could see me in January. I was given an appointment to see a Dr. Wang, but there was a catch – all previous tests and scopes and scan must be rerun. Yikes!!

I went for it and never looked back. Minor flare during first week of January and re-started the meds to hold me until the end of the month. I should note the recovery from the flare was faster than the last time – homeopathic plan beginning to work?

Continued meds and conducted all labs, cat scan and colonoscopy by the end of the month. The colonoscopy is especially worthy of note. I’ve had a few recently and always a challenge to get home and clean up.

What a surprise following the Mayo Clinic version of the colonoscopy which left me more clean inside and out than when I arrived. It was utterly amazing. They really are a First Class operation!!

Very impressive. Can’t wait to meet the doctor.