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Humble Discovery

Symptoms persisted so I needed a diet FODMAP scrub. What was causing serious ‘flare like’ problems? Dr. Mike’s tests showed the gut healing well, but there’s a problem somewhere.

Back to the FODMAP and check each food. Earlier I had found garlic and onion powder/flakes were causing problems, but what else is lurking in the hidden lines of the recipes?

Nothing, nothing at all!

But then an inspiration, prayerfully requested, right in front of me all the time. Check the fermented foods —

  • My daily helping of fermented Sauerkraut:: High FODMAP
  • A daily fermented Pickle:: High FODMAP (garlic is an ingredient)
  • A daily glass of Kombucha tea up to 180 ml only:: Low FODMAP, I was drinking more than that.

Ran a quick memory test from the weekend and discovered my worst days followed the inclusion of the above foods. Let’s see if it holds and the serious ‘flare like’ problems abate. Here’s hoping.