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Foods to Eat

There is an abundance of recommendations when it comes to foods to eat to keep colitis from flaring up or calming down and everything in between. The one thing I’ve found that’s certain is it is an individual thing. That’s why the approach I’m taking may work for others. Simply stated, find a starting point of foods that I know work for me and then add a food and do ‘live’ testing. I will know the results within 24 hours. Monitoring is critical to picking what works for me.

Common threads among all the suggestions, advices and diets which are my building blocks are:

  • Fiber: Gluten free breads and cereals, as well as some fruits and vegetables, are good sources of dietary fiber.
  • Protein: Pork, fish, eggs and poultry are most beneficial. I use grilling or air frying and sometime boiling or baking,
  • Yogurt: Greek probiotics which introduce live, healthy bacteria into the gut: Plain no fat yogurt is best, because it has minimal amounts of sugar.
  • Bananas: A good food choice since they contain healthy carbohydrates, which aid digestion.

All of my recipes are built on these ideas and they work for me.