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Dr. Wang

Met with Dr. Wang, a delightful doctor, to discuss his findings and set a course for healing/treatment.

Test Findings: Colon, rectum and sigmoid, biopsy: Active chronic inflammation consistent with inflammatory bowel disease.

Good news and not so good news: I have do not have Chron’s disease. I have Ulcerative Colitis.

He is very supportive of my 3 path approach and will structure the allopathic treatment plan to support the homeopathic plan.

Dietary and life style modifications: avoid reduce or avoid carbonated soft drinks, avoid heavy
caffeinated drink, avoid artificial sweetners, avoid greasy/fried/grilled/spicy foods, avoid late eating
and try allowing 3 to 4 hours gastric emptying time before lying down bedtime;

For IBD, diet with low animal fat/ or animal meat is recommended, avoiding processed food, reducing sugar consumption (refined sugar)(e.g. cake, cookies, dessert etc.); high fiber or Mediterrinean style diet is also
recommended if not in phase of IBD flare and not in the situation of stricture or stenosis of bowel.

Interested in low-FODMAP diet. We will consult Dietician for further input.
Minimize alcohol!!