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Corny Discovery (updated)

Note: This discussion has been overcome by events – see SCD.

The revelations continue as new foods are added and old one discarded. I believe my system’s reaction to certain foods evolves and not always for the better. The most reecnt example of this is with corn chips and corn tortillas. Until last week I was able to tolerate these food products, but on our trip I have discovered that my system no longer wants to see them coming down the tube! Last evening for the better part of 12 hours my system was in total evacuate mode.

SO a careful analysis of the food consumed in the previous day showed the common thread was the┬ácorn chips and corn tortillas. The sliced ham and the feta cheese and the olives were previously known to not be a problem. There is still one suspect which will be excluded for now – pure mustard without additives was also involved and the jury is out for now on the mustard, which should not be a problem.