Healed, maybe not.

By September my ‘condition’ was back to normal having ended the medications. I was ready for a colonoscopy to validate my success. BOOM! The results were devastating and I was in a state of shock. It was mid-October and I experienced my first ‘flare’ and had not been prepared for it. Visit to GI doctor for more meds and learned he was on vacation. I should take the meds and … Read More

Emergency Room Visit

After many weeks and several doctors’ visits I was virtually just lying about between ‘sessions’ waiting on the medication to work; just ‘toughing it out, as I was told to do.’ [Later to find it was the wrong medication.] Sunday night my blood pressure and pulse went wacko and my lovely bride of many years was very happy to drive me to the emergency room, which I had been avoiding,  … Read More

First Symptoms

I began to experience mild colon distress in late May 2017. As the symptoms began and did not go away, I made an appointment with my Primary Care Physician who was on vacation so I was seen by an associate. The doctor assumed it was diverticulitis since I had history of one bout in the last century. They ordered an xray to look for blockage of the intestine and prescribed … Read More

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