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Calling Dr. Epitropolous

Today, with serious issues arising I met with Dr. E to assess adjustments to my supplements. Based on my description of my condition over the past few weeks, and calling on his 39 years of vast healing experience, he made some adjustments and added a ‘new the market’ supplement to control the diarrhea. We also reviewed my implementation of the SCD and he agreed it was the right course to follow at this time.

The bad bugs are staging a rear action comeback, but the ADP will put them in place. My adrenals are still trying to recover from their dormant life style while I take needed steroids to help with the healing (which are being tapered off). Dr. E has a solution to that as we move to awaken them and ready them for action as the steroids vanish.

If all goes well, tomorrow will be a better day thanks to Dr. E’s healing.