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Bad Sunday Night

Sunday began great and just got better. A great breakfast with Madelyn’s Bacon and eggs and Vanishing Beer Buns. Then off to church with my bride.

Back for lunch and we had Vietnamese Egg Rolls and Boiled Rice with Broccoli prepared with Vegetable Broth and all was well for several hours. Then a storm began and for the rest of the afternoon my system emptied itself out like a tornado. What just happened? Super Nova Flare?

It was not until I began fixing Lunch today using the remaining Vegetable Broth to prepare gluten free Penne pasta that it hit me. What is in the broth? Garlic and Onion powder!! A double barreled shot to the gut.

How really foolish of me after my earlier discoveries. Well, at least I got cleaned out really well. And my pantry is being purged as well.

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