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A Really Bad Week on Travel

Looking back to that tragic day in late June when we had an unexpected death in the family, it’s becoming clear I lost a lot of ground in my IBD recovery efforts. The general wisdom says that trauma created a lot of hidden stress which affected the IBD healing process. So the last two months have been a constant struggle. Foods that once worked were suspect and continuing attempts to adjust the diet was a roller coaster ride I did not want to take. It all came to serious head last week while on travel when I thought I was seeing a return to normal.

This caused me to take step back and look for solutions. In reviewing the diet documents given me by the Mayo Clinic, I found one page which spoke of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I took a look and found a wealth of information which I then spent 3-4 days ‘digesting.’ SO, I decided to combine the SCD approach and the FODMAP food information.

Finally, I decided to begin the SCD with the intro plan and the list of Legal/Illegal foods. I’m finding this may be the approach I’ve been seeking. This is day three of the intro and I am seeing some improvement. I’m also learning lots more about IBD and our small world of those with the disease. Still lots to learn and recipes to discover, but what I’m seeing so far is really exciting.

Very strictly following the SCD intro plan:

Farmers cheese (with Stoneyfield non-fat plain Greek yogurt with honey)
100% Welch’s grape juice mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with water and ice.
Homemade 100% Welch’s grape juice gelatin with honey.

Magna chicken soup
Air Fried beef patty or Air Fried Cod or Shrimp
Homemade 100% Welch’s grape juice gelatin with honey.

Variations of the above

Note: “The amounts of the specified foods to be eaten depend upon the appetite of the individual; there is no restriction as to quantities eaten.”