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A long Summer into Fall

Following the family tragedy in Late June, the healing took a back seat and health got worse quickly. However, the corner has been turned and here’s what we are doing to heal. There are four concurrent paths to healing, up one from the original three: The new path, which was always there and is now formally recognized is the diet path.

  1. Strong Faith – manage the other three.
  2. Medical – heal the current inflammation
  3. Nutrition – supplements to heal the gut to prevent inflammation going forward
  4. Diet – follow the SCD rigorously

There is a phased approach to SCD which I found at PecanBread.com¬†and WellBees.com. Either works well and I often work between them. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it as you get into phase 2 and beyond. I’m currently working into phase 3.

I’ve pretty much abandoned the FODMAP for now, but have let the discussion and recipes online for IBS folks to use.