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Greek Yogurt

Excerpted from Grass Fed Girl
To get the most benefits from your Greek yogurt, you need to buy yogurt that is Certified Organic, Full-Fat, and Plain/Unsweetened, and that only lists Milk and Living Cultures.

When in doubt opt for organic and read the ingredient list. If only milk and cultures are listed, you’re Yo-kay!

Greek Yogurt Brands to AVOID:
Greek Gods: Yoplait, Oikos, Chobani, Fage: Trader Joe’s: Stonyfield Organic, Brown Cow:

Only two that offer organic, full-fat and plain Greek yogurt: Straus Family Creamery and Wallaby Organic.

To read more: https://www.grassfedgirl.com/the-real-deal-with-greek-yogurt-which-whey-to-go/